Uvala Podjasenovac 10,
22243 Murter, Croatia

Golden Haven

Golden Haven is more than a holiday destination, it is a piece of paradise for you and your loved ones.


Golden Haven

more than a holiday destination

Golden Haven is more than a holiday destination, it is a piece of paradise for you and your loved ones. We offer you a designer accommodation for 2, 3, 4, 8, 12 or 14 people with maximum privacy guaranteed.

Explore our accommodation units and see the charming combination of modern and functional design with natural materials and unique centerpieces.

You will be welcomed and accompanied by our friendly staff and we pride ourselves in their knowledge of several languages, including English, Italian, German, French and Croatian. 

Enjoy the surrounding nature and century-old olive trees in your private garden and wake up with the stunning sunrise over the Adriatic sea. With our list of amenities, you are promised to have a stress-free holiday! You don’t have to worry about upkeeping, cooking or even walking if you don’t feel like it, since we already took care of all of it.

Spend your leisure sunbathing, enjoying the private pool, playing billiard or tennis, or let us take you on a trip. Together we can explore the Murter island, or many of the National and Nature Parks near by. If you are feeling adventurous, try to visit as many local beaches on the Murter island.

Visit Golden Haven and let us become your favorite part of summer!


the little things in life that make you more comfortable

Private Pool

Enjoy a own private pool all for yourself, your family and friends. You can keep cool at the pool and enjoy the stunning views without interference.

Rituals Amenities

Vacation should be all about self-care. While you are here, treat yourself with exclusive luxury Rituals cosmetics. They will keep your skin young, fresh and hydrated.

Free Parking

Never worry about the safety of your four-wheeler. Our guests have free parking on our private parking space so you always know that your car is near by and safely parked.


Whether you need the wi-fi to keep in touch with people, read the news or you just want to be able to share all the fun you are having at the resort, we have you covered.


There is nothing better than out-door dining during the summer. It is a place where you can sit and relax in the luke summer evenings while enjoying the view.

Barbecue Equipment

There is nothing like a hot summer day with the smell of burgers rising from the barbecue and your whole family gathering around the dining table in the garden.

E-Golf Cart

We all deserve a lazy day from time to time, even if that means too lazy to walk to the nearest beach or the restaurant. Luckily, we have our e-golf carts with designated drivers.

In-Room Dining Service

Savor the delicious food from our chef in the comfort of your accommodation. You can order what your heart wishes and it will be delivered to your room.


take a look at your own
piece of paradise


whether you’re looking for scenic exploration, relaxation, physical exercise, or adventure


Murter island is surrounded with Nature and National Parks, and many more beautiful islands. Book one (or all) of our private tours to really absorb wonders of nature surrounding us. You can book any private tour at our reception.


We take everything seriously, and there is nothing more serious in life than the importance of playing, especially for children. For that reason we have built a fun and safe space for kids to play at and socialize. If adults wish to join them, even better!


When you really feel like breaking a sweat, head to our tennis court! Play a match with your favorite partner or spar just for fun. There is nothing better than a day on the court followed by a swim.


Murter is specific for it’s small towns and untouched nature. Visit National Parks in the vicinity, take a stroll to find wild beaches or head for the nearest city and explore restoraunts, landmarks, picturesque clubs. We put together a map of all the places you can visit.


We won’t let you get bored on your vacation! When you get tired of swimming or you just want to do something new with your friends and family, try out our mini golfing course. Golf to the sunset on our course with beautiful miniature drywall landmarks.


If you are an avid teble tennis player and wish to keep your skills sharp or just need a way to get rid of that extra energy at the end of the day, our table tennis is set and waiting for you! For extra fun, play in pairs and see which couple wins.


Staying fit is an important goal to many of us. We don’t want your workout schedule to suffer while on vacation. Use the outdoor workout equipment at the resort to stay fit and healthy while enojoying fresh air and the wonderful seaview.